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Unhappy outbound calls being cut-off

Within the last couple of days my outbound calls have started getting cut off after a short time, 30 to 140 seconds. Inbound calls are not affected. If I place an outbound call as a SIP call using voxalot as the provider, it does not get cut-off. I have two providers, and All calls placed through either of them are having the cut off problem. Neither is SIP registered in my provider list but I'm about to try registering callcentric to see if that makes a difference (presently I'm waiting for the "pending" status to go away which seems to take quite a long time).

Both providers worked fine for outbound calls a few days ago.

On my end, I instantly get a busy tone when the call is cut off. The recipient of the call seems to not know the call is dead for some time.

Any ideas?
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