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I have the ata working fine that I got dialtone and can do test numbers with no problems.

Using the dial plan I have set allows me to call out to PSTN number using one of the providers I have, Here is what my dial plan looks like:

As in number 1. I have it set that if i dial a 1 and anything after it will go out via the freedial i am using.

1 _1. ${EXTEN} Free Call Yes
pattern _1.
replacement ${EXTEN}
Enum Replacement ${EXTEN} Enum lookup no
provider freedial

pattern __1NXXNXXXXXX
replacement ${EXTEN}
Enum Replacement ${EXTEN} Enum lookup no

Here is the problem i run into:

Now if say I wanted to dial a sip address for some reason that will no go out at all not sure what I have messed up in the above dialplan.

Also i am set up with ENUM so not sure on how to get it to show the number i am calling from to show on caller id's.

Dialplan on the ATA is: [x*][x*].

Have tried the below didn’t want to work well.

(*[56]00S0 |*xxx[x*]. |x |*xx |1[89]76x.! |1[79]00x.! |1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |#x1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |011xx. |411S0 |<:1814>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |#x<:1814>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 )

Is there something i am missing?


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