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Originally Posted by wilsonhlacerda View Post
Is this queued for investigation/support (any time expectation?) or should I give up?
Hi Wilson,

The technical team has spent a fair bit of time trying to address this issue, as well as your original issue of not being able to register your provider - which has led you to try pbexs as an alternate route. Unfortunately we cannot continue to investigate every possible configuration. We do our best to try and assist every one and all possible combinations and configurations, but we cannot guarantee that they will all work despite our efforts and the rest of the community's efforts.

As martin stated in the last post of we provide a 100% SIP compliant service
which there was no response too from you. So I suggest you give up or find what your provider is doing that is not compliant with voxalot.

Perhaps when we are less busy we can come back and take a look at your particular issue.

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