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Originally Posted by ebeighe View Post
voip newbie here.

I've tried to configure X-lite as show here:
Configuring your x-lite softphone to use Voxalot - Voxalot FAQ

But all i get is:
"registration error 408 - request timeout"

It doesn't seem to matter whether or not I put in the right password.

I also noticed if i UNcheck the box that says to "register with domain to receive incoming calls", then X-lite does say "Ready... Your username is ..."
And if i make a call, e.g. *600 i hear a voice that says something like -- the person you are calling is unavailable.

I have successfully configured xlite to work on another voip.

Try using (rather than just as the Domain...

Registration should work in that case...

Do keep us updated on how it goes if you have the chance..
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