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Originally Posted by affinity View Post
If they have VoIP, then they have a number of ways to call you -- using a service that does ENUM lookups means that the caller can call the "standard" number and the call will route via VoIP to your Voxalot number. They can bypass ENUM lookups by calling your Voxalot number direct if their setup allows this to be done.
So, that means I need to requist the call routing via VoIP from my land line company which must have the service to sell in first place.
But is there any other way to use ENUM without needing my land line I mean even if I call from my VoIP No. to the land line or the mobile (cell phone),
Like what happend in the verification call which don by the site when i registred the mobile no. i need to call from my VoIP no.?
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