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Originally Posted by Amiga View Post
I'm trying to figure out the easiest and cheapest means to get two ATAs, at different locations, to use the same VoIP account for outgoing calls. I have hardware devices, at two different sites, that need their modems to dial out and the server on the other end needs to see the same Caller ID / ANI information, as if both pieces of hardware were dialing from the same location. Maybe one adapter can be configured to receive incoming calls, but outgoing calls on both adapters should reflect the same Caller ID.
Sounds very doable...

Consider these scenarios:

1. ATA 1 and ATA 2 are both set up with VoXalot details and can both call out (there is really no hard part about this)
2. ATA 1 and ATA 2 are both registered with VoXalot for incoming calls (This should work in most cases...a little bit of tweaking maybe required. What will happen is that when an incoming call comes, both will ring simultaneously and the first to answer takes the call)
3. ATA 1 and ATA 2 can place each call to different locations simultaneously (This will need to be tested. Both limits on channels from VoXalot and from the actual outgoing provider may get in the way. It could be more easily doable if you go with two different VoXalot accts, one for each ATA, but achieving step 2 above then gets more complicated)
4. ATA 1 and ATA 2 can communicate with each other (this will only be doable if you use two VoXalot accts. one per each ATA)

A few questions:
-What's the outgoing provider/providers you are planning on using?
-What do you know about any limits on number of channels these providers make available?
-What is the application of this setup (it may help to provide more case specific advice)?

A note: This will involve some testing and trial and error before you get it the way you want it....!
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