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I've already used Vono with Voxalot and it works fine. But if you are using US Voxalot server (in fact this is a cluster with two balanced servers), you may need to use, on your sip phone, '' as your sip and proxy servers instead of ''. The US Voxalot cluster have the following two addresses:

* '' at IPv4 address;
* and '' at IPv4 address.

The problem is that all Voice Service Providers (VSP) registrations are made from '', while your sip phone may be registered at '', especially if it has DNS SRV support (common in many voip software and hardware). In that case, Voxalot may assume that your sip phone is not registered, and your call will be sent to Voxalot voice mail box. So, I suggest to you using on your voip sip phone configuration '' as you sip registration and proxy servers. You should also configure STUN server if it is not already configured.
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