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Originally Posted by 271368 View Post
I don't have WiFi,Can I use this technique by the packet data 3G?
What the configuration for it?
Voxalot itself doesn't care a whole lot how you get your internet, as long as that internet is of sufficient speed/quality, and you have the required SIP "client" to make/receive the call. So in theory it could work, but it would depend upon you having sufficient internet bandwidth, a SIP client on your laptop (or smart phone), etc.

Another possible option, would be to use the Voxalot web (or SMS) call service. In that case, you use the web (or send an SMS) to tell Voxalot to call both your mobile phone and the party you wish to talk to (via the VoIP provider you specify), and connect the two calls. The advantage of this approach, is that you don't need to support "end to end VoIP" on your mobile phone. However, the disadvantages of this approach are: A) You still need some way (for example, a web browser) to tell Voxalot to start the calls for you, B) You pay your VoIP provider for two calls (one call to you, and a second call to the party you want to talk to), C) If you don't have "unlimited incoming", you may use up mobile minutes when you answer the call from Voxalot, and D) I think the web call features are only available to paid premimum Voxalot members, and are not available on the free accounts.
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