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Thanks, Ron, for your attention.
Skypho is an Italian VSP that permit to have almost unlimited geographic numbers for one only account, reachable from any kind of phone, all over the world. Calls within Skypho users are always free and unlimited, all the rest regulated according to a certain price list ( Before I used to connect to Skypho with just my Sipura SPA-2002: 1 Skypho number of mine on line 1; line 2 VoipStunt. With Eyebeam softphone, other 10 Skypho numbers of mine logged all together at the same time. I was able, then, to receive and telephone regularly, even within my own numbers. This way one can think that the VSP supports without problems more than one login from the same user. Now, in other ways, I am always logged on Voxalot with all my Skypho numbers minus one logged directly on Line 1 of my SPA-2002 for test and if I try to call myself in both directions always the Skypho system returns with: "The number doesn't exist!" How can it be? Even if I route on Voxalot a Skypho number to another Skypho on dial plan, returns always the same words and not (supposed) call waiting tone, because it's the same phone to call and receive. That's what I get if I call 2 different VSP in my dial plan. I can't realize. What do you think about? Have I set something on my ATA adapter or what? But I think it's a matter of provider that blocks certain calls somehow. Thanks a lot. Regards.

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