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Originally Posted by nobre84
Glad that its working now Thanks for the corrections Kars
Is Skypho set to "register" in voxalot's providers page? I believe it should be receiving incoming calls.
Yes, Skypho is correctly registered in provider's list. I can call and receive from it. Only if someone of Skypho's circuit tries to call me with a Skypho number, I cannot be reached if I am logged on Voxalot... If I am logged directly with my ATA on Skypho, everything goes without any problem and I can be reached even by Skypho users! It's strange, but I suppose because terms of conditions of Skypho accounts say: "Calls between Skypho users are free and ulimited. [...] Ordinary calls forwarding, from Skypho numbers to landlines and viceversa, even from Skypho to Skypho numbers, follow ordinary rates...". Maybe they think when I am logged on voxalot with 15 different numbers (different area codes from north to south of Italy) at the same time, something strange happens and block calls coming from Skypho users to my numbers... Hope someone can say no! But it's important for me to be able to call from those numbers and receive from all landline and cell phones. Thanks again.
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