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Hi, my skills are limited as I've just started fiddling around with voxalot these days, but I'll try to help you... Anyone free to correct and give better instructions

_00. Voipcheap -> ${EXTEN} for international calls
_0Z. Voipcheap -> 0039${EXTEN:1} 0+area code -> 0039+areacode+number without leading 0, thats how it works in my country, i dont know if you keep the 0 , if not take off the :1 in the {}
_3. Voipcheap -> 0039${EXTEN} adds country codes for numbers starting with 3

_800. Skypho -> ${EXTEN} pass 800 local numbers without change to skypho
_1[123578]. Skypho -> ${EXTEN} pass 1xxx numbers, except 14xxx, 16xx and 19xxx numbers

PS: Maybe you should just take off the dial plan in your ata and let voxalot handle them to avoid any mess

Hope it could help you, cya!

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