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Hi all,

Ok got part of this all figured out so far. that i have my ata registered with voxalot. can dial test numbers.

Here is the problem i run into:

If i use the Web Callback it works fine when i put my number in there and select sip broker and the next line i put the number i want to call which say my cell phone and use the company i have set for calling out. Works with no problem. But now if i use the ATA and try dialing the same number nothing just sits there. So not even sure i have everything pluged where it should be.

Here is the setup i have:

Under Dial Plans i have the following
40 _011NX ${EXTEN}

Also i am set up with ENUM so not sure on how to get it to show the number i am calling from to show on caller id's.


is registered with no problems. using the following in there:
provider is

Dialplan on the ATA is:
(*[56]00S0 |*xxx[x*]. |x |*xx |1[89]76x.! |1[79]00x.! |1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |#x1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |011xx. |411S0 |<:1814>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |#x<:1814>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 )

Even tried the [x*][x*]. dial string. Now i did setup a speedial **1 and that will work fine from calling from the ata to the cell phone.

Is there something i am missing?

In other words what i am trying to do is have the ATA when i pick the line up and say dial 18145551212 go via the provider i have or is it something missing in my dial string?

or any area code phone number. has to be something i am missing in the above somewhere for when i pick up the phone and dial a number for it to go via Only using the for dialing reg phone lines for right now.

As for the call forwarding on Voxalot that works fine also telling to to forward all calls to with my cell and it will dial my fax number but no caller id also.


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