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Hi there,
Originally Posted by v164 View Post
Sometimes it's hard to know if the recorded voice announcement is coming from VoXaLot, or from your provider, or even from somewhere further down the chain. In your case, it could even be coming from your asterisk server.
I understand that but I have control over my asterisk server - so I see whats going on there (connection is set up to remote server), and there is no way that all of my providers use exactly the same error message (some are Polish), dont you agree ?

If you're running your own asterisk server, you're probably more experienced than a lot of us users. My understanding is that asterisk can be configured to do just about everything that Voxalot offers - particularly dial plans and ENUM lookups - so it could get confusing if you were to use both asterisk and voxalot. (In addition, your ATA may also have a dial plan).
Sure, Asterisk can do about anything, but the reason I use voxalot is to have the RTP bridge set up without using my Asterisk server. For most of the providers I use, regular SIP reinvites work fine but for some they dont - and thats where voxalot kicks in

The only thing I can suggest is you simplify your setup to try and find the problem. If it's a recent problem, perhaps your dynamic IP address has changed and your devices haven't adjusted.

Or it could be a billing or other problem at your provider.
As stated earlier, I would rule out other providers - there is no way all of them suddenly stopped working.

I thought that maybe there were some technical issues being experienced by more users. As of now (14:55 GMT) everything seems to be back to normal.

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