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Originally Posted by DracoFelis
Inbound directly to an SPA-3000 ( ) do work if you get everything right, but they can be a PITA to do!
I have followed these setup procedures and am quite sure I have done everything correct. I have tested my DNS by pinging it, and I get a response.

I then went to VoXaLot and tested my and it said that it isn't working.

I then tried using my actual IP address instead of the dns but still no luck.

I then thought of my router, and hence set up my ATA in a DMZ so that it definitely was exposed - no bananas here either.

If I have my ATA set up in a DMZ, does it get it's own IP address? I kinda think it should because a DMZ basically bypasses the router. not sure though.

I'm keen to get this working and can sense I am getting close

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