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Red face mine does not work

I edit my sipura (SPA2102) and put instead of and when I dial *010123456 it gives me busy signals at *010 and if I just try to dial the extension (123456) it tells that the call could not be completed please try again.

I've checked my dial plans and tested *010123456 and it actually says it would go through voxalot. I even tested webcall with *010 numbers and it works...

Can anyone give me a tip, I am a fast learner...

Here is some info that may help for the analysis of my case:

gizmo 17476629690 Yes Failed [Edit] [Delete]
voipbuster guanacux1 Yes Failed [Edit] [Delete]
gizmo_dad 17470126115 Yes Failed [Edit] [Delete]

Dial plans
1 _0. 001${EXTEN:1} voipbuster Yes [Edit] [Delete]
2 _9. 1747${EXTEN:1} gizmo Yes [Edit] [Delete]

Thank you very much

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