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At my knowledge the VoipBuster and allies have IAX and SIP servers. Last week, when I was connected with X-Lite (SIP), and I tried launching a second SIP connection, I got logged off from the first one.
Anyhow, also with other VSPs web callback (neither SIP-SIP nor SIP-PSTN) doesn't work for me yet...
Yesterday I’ve opened a new, different account from a different computer. I’ll check this weekend and keep you posted.

Are you using Asterisk and IAX?
In that case your situation may be different from mine.

Cheers, krisch

PS: There is a provider having a SIP soft phone with excellent http-tunneling. It would be nice someone tries it out from Japan… If interested, let me know, they have sometimes sponsoring programs giving you (and to the sponsor ) initial credit for trials.

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