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Hi again,

krisch you sure? I use Asterisk and have, amongst others, the following providers all connected at the same time:

- voipdiscount
- voipstunt (1)
- voipstunt (2)
- voipdiscount
- sipdiscount

all providers belong to the same company but I manage to use all of them at the same time using Asterisk. There must be another problem, I think.

this is what I'm trying to do:

Dialplan goes:
1 _00. ${EXTEN} voipstunt
2 _00. ${EXTEN} voipsdiscount

Webcall request goes:

00613+localnumber using Voipstunt
004420+local number using Voipdiscount

I get the "webcall initiated" message but in fact neither parties ring. No call at all!

When I call the first number using, say, Stanaphone, and the second number using iether provider (voipdiscount or voipstunt), then the call is successful.

I though it could be a dialplan mistake as I assigned _00. to both providers and therefore there is the chance that voxalot forces both calls to go out using Voipstunt. But I have trying assigning Voipdiscount a different dialplan

(like _3. 00${EXTEN:1}

with no success.

I'd love to get this working as soon as possible as I'll soon be going to Japan and desperately need to use the free calls to japan with those providers in order to stay in touch with home...

Thanks to all
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