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I don't know MyNetFone, so you'll need confirmation from someone else for this part.

What I can tell you is that (at least) two limitations can exist:
1) MyNetFone limits to only 1 registration (looks strange to me, but not impossible at all)
2) Your two phones are located behind the same modem, and this one has some limitation...

According to my tests, yes Voxalot will route calls to several registered devices, included with basic account. I managed to make two phones ring behind the same modem, but I cannot tell that the communication is ok because my hardware cannot do it!
(I interpreted this by the fact that the hardware routes incoming calls according to user login/number... And when two phones use the same, both are triggered (ringing), but the audio dynamic port is not matched due to NAPT issue inside my modem.)

If your phones are located behind different modem/public IP, then your issue is probably related to MyNetFone. Voxalot should then work for you.
If both phones are located behind the same modem/public IP, then this is maybe your hardware... The solution could be to change the configuration, or to replace hardware if there is no configuration solution.

(By configuration, I'm talking about port forwarding... not only the 5060, but also dynamic ones for audio RDP. But you can begin with only the 5060 since it suffices to make phones ring. you'll then be able to know if MyNetFone accepts multiple registrations.)
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