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Default iNum working // Voxalot EU Server

It's working! I'm using the EU Server in Portugal and dialling +883510000000091 through Voxalot I enter the echo test (this number is dialled as stated above, as if I was dialling an ENUM number through Voxalot).
I like the iNum idea, but I doubt that here in Portugal any of the Telecoms will be interested in participating in iNum... at least with a local rate cost associated with it as it has been proposed. So, I think that would be a great idea if a SIP Broker route were created. For me, the nearest iNum access number is in Madrid (Spain), but we have two (Lisbon and Oporto) SIP Broker access numbers in Portugal. So, would be interesting if I could dial an iNum through one of these SIP Broker access numbers.
Thanks for the good work and ideas.
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