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After exhaustive tests, I seem to have come up with some regular results for my registrations:

1. All calls to VSPs where Active=yes and SIP Register=yes ring OK, but show a Caller ID of International. The exception to this is Voipfone, which does not connect at all.

2. In those cases where I can redirect to, I get the correct Caller ID on incoming calls. (Voipfone does not permit direction to a SIP address as such, so again, no luck).

3. When I can redirect to Free World Dialup, which in turn redirects to, I also get the correct Caller ID on incoming calls. (Voipfone does permit this as FWD is a preferred peering partner, and I can divert to *393myid - so it rings AND I get the correct Caller ID!)

All in all, I can use these methods as workarounds, but it would be nice not to have to. If Voipfone and Voxalot had a peering arrangement, I guess I could eliminate one link in the chain.

I hope this helps.

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