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affinity will become famous soon enough

  1. 4 - Add register status information
  2. 13 - Call logs / history.
  3. Aren't these two the same,like 3 and 13?
    8 - allow forward to mobile or fixed line number via one of our providers.
    16 - Call forwarding via dial plan, i.e. ability to set up a call forward to any number (including PSTN)
  4. 18 - Add an advanced provider details screen allowing Voxalot to handle unusual provider requirements
  5. 22 - Build SMS call-back [see notes/comments on 17 below too!]

Others that I would have like to have included [in order]:
20 - On update allow password fields to be optional
9 - fix speed dials for
1 - Pre-defined SIP Broker / VoXaLot provider entries
12 - User definable Voicemail answer delay and on/off.
2 - Look at 3way call problem.
10 - get BBP Global to work
14 - A way to reset or change your VM password
21 - Dial plan fail over. i.e if dialling an entry fails, look for the next matching priority (if one exists) and try that one.

Some of these with further notes/comments
17 - Similar functionality for Web Callback - option to route call legs via dialplan defaults
- more useful if via SMS; send two numbers via SMS callback, both go through the dial plan to decide on call route.

19 - Ability to re-org dial plan entries
- not really that important as you can have sparse numbering with gaps already.
- although it would be much better to be able to raise/lower entries.

6 - Check CID problem for some registered providers

5 - Check 1800 number problem in Oz
- 1800 numbers are better off via PSTN if available as they are free already.

7 - Check incoming one-way audio problems with Vbuzzer
11 - Fix inbound Voipfone

15 - specify our own voicemail extension number (instead of the default 500)
- I see NO need for this at all, why might this be useful?

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