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Thanks for the replies.. I understand the whole *xxx system of dialling a number and can see how sipbroker can just pass that onto an A*k server, and we're already registered for that. My A*k server can accept incoming SIP and IAX calls, but at the moment the dialplan won't cope with inbound full CLIs (our PSTN provider takes care of that regex change). I think I need to allow for that.

What I'm interested in, is how, for example, when Asterisk makes this call outbound:

-- Executing Dial("SIP/249-b78198f8", "SIP/+448001234567@sipbroker-out||W") in new stack
-- Called +448001234567@sipbroker-out

Most of the time I get a 300 returned, so sipbroker doesn't know this URI, but on occasion we do get a hit and the call gets routed through to XYZs PBX (I believe VIA sipbroker (?). Obviously, we're not dialling *1234 first or anything. Maybe this is where the ENUM comes into play?

I took a look at the site, and I can see that we can setup a single number (I guess intended to be per user). But how do I setup a range?

eg, if my numbers were +442071812300 through to +442071812399 and I want them routed through to, is that sipbroker, or ? Or just a DNS update for ENUM? (Does sipbroker do ENUM lookups for URIs it doesn't have in its own list) ?
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