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Originally Posted by Ron
I hope I understood your question correctly...

If your desire is to forward calls from another provider to your VoXaLot number, you can do so as long as the other provider supports URI forwarding. Simply forward calls to (where xxxxxx is your VoXaLot number). You don't need to have anything set up on VoXaLot for this to work (i.e. no Provider, Dial Plan, or Call Forward entries need to be made).

I have an IPKall DID, a FreeDigits DID, and a Free World Dialup number. I have set up forwarding on all of them to my VoXaLot number and don't need to have an ATA or softphone registered with them. Calls to any of these numbers ring my VoXaLot phone.


Thanks again. Actually, I am aware of the fact that you are able to forward some of the providers if they allow it at their end, e.g., Free World Dialup. But I was under the impression that as you can make outbound calls using the providers that you have setup in Voxalot, you may as well receive inbound calls from those very providers. But I guess I was expecting too much too soon :-) The problem is that not all the providers allow SIP URI forwarding and there is currently no way to get calls from those providers other than being registered and online with them.

If something like that can be done, it would have been truly revolutionary. It could have been like having an "adapter on the web" although as of today, Voxalot is acting as a adapter at least partially.

Also, for the record, Gizmo Project DOES allow you to forward incoming calls to a SIP URI. I have verified this to be working. You just have to input the SIP URI under their "call forwarding" option, hit save, and there you go. There are some threads on their forum to discuss that.


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