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Originally Posted by Ron
Stanaphone and Gizmo Project (Sipphone) are two examples that only allow forwarding to a PSTN number. I have both and it's a big disappointment that I can't receive incoming calls from them on my VoXaLot number.
I don't do it myself (as all the VoIP accounts I forward, allow SIP URI forwarding), but I think the following "work around" should work for the present:

1) Get a free USA PSTN number from

2) Forward your new IPKall number to the SIP URI of your VoXaLot account

3) Forward your Stanaphone and Gizmo accounts to your IPKall PSTN number. This should work (in theory at least), because IPKall is a "real PSTN number" (and you mentioned those two services offer PSTN number forwarding).

4) Wait a few hours for all the forwarding changes to kick in (IPKall number forwarding changes don't happen instantly, so be patient). After all the forwarding is working, your Stanaphone and Gizmo accounts should forward to your IPKall PSTN number, which should forward to your VoXaLot account, which should ring your VoIP adapter.
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