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Default Inbound VoIP calls

If I have the following set up:

- my ATA registered to Voxalot
- a Provider set up and registered on my Voxalot account (eg Astratel 8888nnnn)
- Call Forwarding Default rule set to my Voxalot number (ie

should I be able to receive calls to that Provider account from another ATA with an account with the same VSP?

This works fine with two ATAs both registered directly to the VSP, but when one ATA is setup via Voxalot as above, what I get when I dial in is about ten seconds of silence followed by a voice message saying that "the person at the extension at my Voxalot number is unavailable and leave a voicemail..."

So it seems that Voxalot is receiving the incoming call and knows to send it to my Voxalot account, but the call doesn't get forwarded. Incoming calls from PSTN via SipBroker work so Call forwarding is basically working.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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