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Originally Posted by zoemcalister View Post
Hi audebruin,

There was once an agreement between Voxalot and Betamax to "play nice".
So no more FUP exceeded entries until Betamax changed servers and the FUP messages were there again.
Many users contacted the Betamax "support team" but there was not ONE reply let alone a solution to the problem.

I while ago I came across a solid alternative to Betamax: FastVoip, based in the Netherlands and owned by Tulip Solutions.

I've had no FUP problems since I started using FastVoip...

Are you sure about FastVoip that it is not Betamax / Delmont ? I usually check for the best pricing (Hanstel is a Betamax reseller). Since FastVoip is present in their charts I thought it is also affiliated with Betamax/Delmont.
And one more think I can't find on their website > how many free days do you get when buying credit, I can't find any reference on that.

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