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Originally Posted by Juste View Post

Does anyone know whether it still makes sense waiting for this feature to ever come to Voxalot ?

Since no promises have been kept and no answer whatsoever has been given by Voxalot team, I wonder what my steps will be when the first year is up. I am being very tempted to give it up.

"No Promises have been kept" seems a bit harsh.

Since the introduction of Premium accts, a number of features have been implemented:

-Call Forwarding based on Incoming Provider
-VoiceMail on the Web
-Import/Export for provider settings
-Ability to use SIP URI with Virtual Toll Free and Web Callback
-Calling Records

That said I too would like to see VoXRoam available if possible, but nonethelss VoXalot is still the best bang for your buck when considering reliability/support and ease of use.... (I am saying this as being a paying user myself)

For the time being, CallThru and CallBack are both possible putting together a workaround using third parties, until VoXRoam comes around:

See these if you are interested in the WorkArounds:
Placing VoIP Calls from any Old Regular PSTN Phone
VoIP CallBack: Use your favourite VoIP providers from anywhere in the world with CallBack Service
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