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Thank you so much for taking the time to give me a detailed response. I have a couple more questions for clarification and next steps.

Based on what you have said, what I would like to get out of Voxalot is:

1) use all the ENUM options available for me so I get maximum free calls. I assume I just route all calls (except those that I want to use PSTN) to Voxalot and then set up a dial plan that routes the unmatched ENUM numbers through Engin.

2) Overcome the issue where Engin wont accept inbound SIP calls to my number. So what is the configuration approach I should take to overcome this?

BTW: Here's a cute "trick" to allow you to get inbound VoIP calls (on your SPA-3000), even when your "registered" VoIP provider (for example, Engin) doesn't allow SIP calling:
Have you actually done this and got it to work? I tried to do it 'quickly' last weekend and the whole thing stopped working. Just want to check before I do it again.
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