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Hi Ron

So, are we pretty certain now that the one-way audio issue with vBuzzer is because VoXaLot uses port 5061 (Voxalot to external caller), even though it is okay, using the specified port 80 for the external caller to Voxalot?


Originally Posted by richard
Hi Ron

I found it under SIP Tab and its also called "Substitute VIA Addr:". Changed it to "Yes" and presto!!!! StanaPhone works!!! Two-Way Audio. Thanks!!!!

vBuzzer is the only one giving a little trouble. Its gone back to needing to be registered on my line 2 (SP3K PSTN Line) or my eyeBEAM before it will ring through to my Voxalot account on line 1 :-(, but that's no biggie, I can do that. There is still one-way audio on vBuzzer though. Probably something to do with its non-standard port 80 maybe.

Anyhow, I'm really happy that ALL MY OTHER VSPs work great (now) with the new service.

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