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Originally Posted by mark
Can ayone tell me how to set up a overide dial plan as a way to divert short calls through pennytell
I've just set up voxalot dial plans for pennytel as follows -
15 _04. 61${EXTEN:1} Pennytel Untimed
20 _2NXXXXXXX 613${EXTEN:1} Pennytel Timed
30 _20NXXXXXXXX 61${EXTEN:2} Pennytel Timed
35 _NXXXXXXX 613${EXTEN} Pennytel Untimed
40 _0NXXXXXXXX 61${EXTEN:1} Pennytel Untimed
50 _0011. ${EXTEN:4} Pennytel Timed

The lines for priority 20 & 30 enable selecting a pennytel timed account for short calls by dialing a 2 before dialing local and national numbers. (2c/min) There are two pennytel accounts setup in voxalot of course as two providers.

Pennytel requires numbers to be in international format so I set up the above firstly without the priority 20 and 30 lines. This allowed normal australian dialing for local, national and mobile numbers. The dial plan adds the 61 (or 613 if I've dialed a local number) and deleted the leading zero in mobile and national numbers. Also deletes the 0011 from international numbers.

The priority 20 & 30 lines are similar to 35 & 40 but allow for dialling the 2 prefix.

The above seems to be working ok but as pennytel don't do 13 / 1300 numbers I still have to set up a provider for those. Yes they can go out via pstn but my ATA doesn't have dial plans and I want anyone to be able to use the phone by dialling 'normally'.
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