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Originally Posted by martin
I sent you a PM with the log entries for you call. All 3 calls mentioned left VoXaLot OK.
Many thanks. What's a PM? Personal Message?

So when you say they left Voxalot ok, does that mean that AstraTEL accepted the call (i.e., username and password ok) but then it bounced somewhere inside AstraTEL?

I've had similar problems in the past when connected directly to AstraTEL. I'd try a number and get a busy signal, try again, same thing, keep trying 10 times in a row with same busy signal. Wait for 10 minutes and try again and it would work. Could this be a network busy signal from AstraTEL? I know the called number was not busy because I was testing it with a friend and they were definitely not on the line.
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