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metech 09-24-2008 06:39 AM

Silent or Restricted Numbers not catered for in Dial Plan
I'm a newbie to Voxalot so I'm unaware if anyone else has ever come across my situation or if there is something I'm just not seeing altogether.

I'm testing using the free account and X-Lite so I don't disturb my current VoIP setup. I would like to forward silent or restricted calls from my current VSP's to my Voxalot voice mail. This will enable me to filter out genuine calls from spammers and telemarketers. Genuine callers will leave a message and a return phone number. I already have a number of clients who have a silent number and need to cater for them, and yet I don't want to accept calls from any phone without CLI.

The problem I'm facing is that the dial plan is too smart for me. It thinks it knows better and will only accept phone numbers with digits. That's pretty standard as dial plans go, I know, I can't remember ever seeing a dial plan that accepts anything else but digits. Unfortunately, the phone number that is forwarded from a silent number is "None". Because I'm only at the testing stage I'm not aware of how this string would be handled if integrated into my VoIP system using Voxalot.

Can anyone tell me how silent callers are routed in their situation? I'm guessing you get an engaged tone, or maybe there's a message given that I'm not aware of. It may be handled in a completely differnt way than my current VSP handles it. To test how you would receive a silent call, call yourself but put 1831 in front of your phone number to block outgoing CLI. This works from any Telstra landline/mobile in Australia. I'm not sure about other providers but I think it's pretty standard.

So at the moment my current VoIP setup can't forward silent or restricted calls to Voxalot because I'm unable to create a dial plan to handle them. What could solve it would be to add the choice "If the number* Does Not Equal" to the dial plan setup.

I'm hoping someone can enlighten me on all this, as it seems to be pretty basic and I can't understand why there's no posts on receiving calls from silent numbers.


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