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maijaz 01-09-2011 12:29 PM

Tpad and Draytel, got engage tone from all PSTN number

I am currently using two voip services

Tpad.com and Draytel.org

Everything was working OK, untill friends told me when they tried to use the PSTN number to reach me, they get engage tone. I tried myself, result is the same.

Cany anybody help? Do somebody know what is wrong with the PSTN numbers? (Tried USA/Canada numbers)


wwwtpadcom 01-10-2011 09:38 AM


If you are using our Public DID / PSTN Numbers then you need to buy a minimum of $10 Tpad VoIP Credit every month to activate the numbers (you can also spend this $10 on calls aswell).

You can then receive unlimited calls to your Tpad SIP number for FREE and it costs your friend just the price of a local call instead of an expensive international call.

How to use Tpad's Public DID / PSTN / Local Access / Break IN Numbers:
Business Telephone Systems - Tpad Country Local Break In Numbers

If you are using the FREE SIP Broker DID / PSTN Numbers then look at this:
tpad.com :: View topic - How to use Free SIP Broker DID Numbers with Tpad

Also, make sure you have entered Tpad's SIP Settings correctly:

Registrar: sip.tpad.com
Proxy server: sip.tpad.com
Outbound proxy server: sip.tpad.com
Account name/User name/SIP No. = Your Tpad Number e.g. 17XXXXX
Password/ Authentication ID = Your password which you created
SIP port: 5060 (or 8891 or 8791 or 80 if VoIP is blocked in your Area)
Codecs = G.711 (64kbps) G729 (8kbps)
STUN Setting (if audio / connection problems). Leave off. If problems, try with STUN on
Stun Server (if required) = stun.tpad.com:3478



maijaz 01-11-2011 02:32 AM

Thank you for your reply.

That is not working, tried all settings and double checked.

I am trying free sip broker PSTN numbers. Also I checked that with the Tpad softfone, i can get a ring, i.e. Tpad to tpad, its working. But using PSTN, only engage tone. Either TPAD or any other VOIP service.

Is it possible that the ISP is blocking? If so, how to check?


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