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wycodreams 12-03-2006 07:51 PM

Help whit call forward
Cant i configure the call forward, i dont understand this procedure, please help me.
If the from pattern, is the incoming number, your sintaxis is:

(incoming telephone number)@your VSP.com
(incoming telephone number)@your VSP.com $ (see $)

if is incoming a pstn number, what is my vsp? Is voxalot.com?, for example
is incoming a mexican number,(telmex is the pstn provider in Mexico)
then my from pattern is:
the call is incoming for sipbroker code (voxalot *010 XXXXXX and use the sipbroker access number 5559852341)
then, i want to connect a telephone number of anaheim california, then my forward to URI is:
sip: telephone number@your VSP.com
sip: 011(1)(714)XXXXXXXX@voicestik.com

voicestik.com is my VSP to connect the call to USAand 011 is the USA code for international call

please help me, this plan dont work, where is the wrong?
thank s

Jorge 12-03-2006 10:11 PM

You are attempting to forward to PSTN, you can't do that using Voxalot (not yet). You can only forward to a SIP URI.

For caller ID, you must know the format the telco uses to send the number. In Mexico, the country code is never part of the caller ID. Normally ten digits are sent, although in some cases it seems a local number stripped of city code is sent, so you may get 8 or 7 digits as well.

If you don't know the part after the @ (most likely if coming from PSTN), use @.* which matches anything.

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