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Iranet 05-26-2011 09:55 PM

Can't connect to login server
I use several Linksys PAP/SPA devices and I have some strange problems.
If I turn on "Use DNS SRV" and "DNS Auto prefix", I login to voxalot accounts, but problem is because my route go over AMS IX and for some reason US servers dous not receive/send data pakets. Rezult is that call is in one way only (I can hera other party but other prty does no hear me and vice versa)
When I use DNS SRV, each PAP/SPA is connected to all voxalt severs (total of 20 connections - 5 devices at 4 servers)

If I turn of "Use DNS SRV" and "DNS Auto prefix" SPA/PAP doue not login to Voxalot server. "Registration state: Can't connect to login server"...

Primary I use EU server "eu.voxalot.com".... Any idea how to resolve this?
Why my PAP/SPA can't connnetc to login server if I use only EU server? :confused:

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