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elyask87 06-27-2010 08:58 PM

Suddenly unable to make or receive calls.
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Starting this morning I have been facing a strange problem with the way my ATA (SPA3102) is working. For some reason I cannot make or receive calls although it shows as registered. I have not touched anything with my setup and it has been working fine until today.

Things done:

1. Switch through different clusters (US/EU).
2. Turn STUN on and off (I had it working properly with STUN off), along with the STUN settings in the ATA.
3. Symmetric NAT on and off.
4. Completely reset ATA and reconfigure (used the SPA3102 guide).
5. Change between using a static IP and DHCP on the ATA.
6. Play around with the ports (SIP and RTP).

I am pretty sure it is something with my ATA but I can't figure out what since I can make and receive calls through X-Lite on my PC.

Hardware details:

ATA: SPA3102
Modem: Motorola CPEi750 (WiMax)
Router: Linksys WRT54GL (running Gargoyle)
Connection: 2Mbps/256Kbps (Down/Up)
Setup: CPEi750 ---> WRT54GL ---> SPA3102

Config details:

Preferred cluster: EU
Proxy: eu.voxalot.com
ATA Codec: G729


I cannot access the Motorola's page to configure as it is blocked for security reasons by my ISP. However I have not faced any firewall like situation with it since everything works fine (applications, devices, including the ATA previously).

Calling out:

After dialling there is a very long pause, eventually get a loud busy like tone. But usually hang up before due to impatience :p.

Calling in:

Call never connects, or get a busy like tone.


I logged some messages using a syslog server of a call to echo test, I have attached this as a text file.

I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction in figuring this out :confused: . Its weird how it just happened suddenly.


Cris77 06-28-2010 06:15 PM

I have problems here too. The VOIP phone is not able to connect.

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