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Xtropy 03-11-2011 03:45 PM

E-mail Address Change Request
I signed up for a Premium account (Account: 655885) but it order to register, I needed to use my work e-mail address since @gmail.com & @hotmail.com accounts cannot be used. Unfortunately all my voicemails are being sent to my work e-mail address and I do not get them until I am at the office the next day. Is it possible to have my e-mail address changed to my @gmail.com address manually? I would prefer not to post my personal addresses in a public forum, please advise the best way to proceed...



kurun 03-13-2011 10:54 PM

Does your work email support any kind of rules, such that you can set up a forwarding rule to forward Voxalot email to your gmail account?

Alternately, do you have pop access to your work email?

Of course you can always access Voicemail messages by dialing 500# or *500#, followed by the voicemail 4 digit password.

Xtropy 03-14-2011 02:50 PM

I work for a large security organization that doesn't allow mail forwarding to external domains. I would also prefer to keep my work and personal life separate...

All I really wanted to get was e-mail to show up on my iPhone when I got a voicemail. Since GMail supports push mail via IMAP, this makes my GMail account a vital tool for my telephony use. I thought it would be a simple change that "someone" could do to my Voxalot account since I am a paid and validated member. Since this seems to be an issue, I just signed up for another free e-mail service that Voxalot is not blocking and forwarding all e-mail from that account to my Gmail account. Seemed like an unnecessary step but there is always a way around restrictions like this. Thanks anyways... :eek:

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