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wilsonhlacerda 04-28-2007 11:04 PM

[OFF TOPIC] New VSP free to 50+ countries (like voipbusterPRO)
€0,039 connection fee.

Have not tried yet. So no idea of the call quality. Can be a good Betamax alternative for some of you.

Thanks to Odair, a member of the largest free VoIP community in Orkut (I'm one of its moderators).

foneboxx 04-29-2007 10:09 AM

A business in the Seychelles Islands...hum...Notsure that i would give my credentials...:rolleyes:

wilsonhlacerda 04-29-2007 04:09 PM

Any experience with it will be greatly appreciated......call quality, voxalot compliance, and so on....

As soon as my voipbusterpro credit finish I'll try it, but eventually you or someone else in the Orkut community will try it before me.

Jorge 04-30-2007 01:19 AM

On the contact page, the turing number always displays unreadable. That is not a good sign...

foneboxx 04-30-2007 07:28 AM

hum...Should have told you...:D A business in a paradise island is not that reliable...Vonage, Betamax or other are known...This one who claims to exist since (?) does not have a phone number, and most of all...Check the "whois" you're gonna get amazed...:D The company is in Seychelles- domain name is registred in the Netherlands - Phone number is IPKALL USA 360 AREA CODE phone number and fax number is a UK (???!!!) NON GEOGRAPHICAL 0845 fax number..Here's a copy of the whois:


RSP: Transip BV
URL: TransIP BV - Uw colocatie en webhosting provider!

created-date: 2005-01-05
updated-date: 2007-01-17
registration-expiration-date: 2008-01-05

owner-contact: P-VWH39
owner-organization: Nadiz Inc.
owner-fname: V
owner-lname: Heathoff
owner-street: Hommelsstr 74
owner-city: Arnhem
owner-zip: 6828AL
owner-country: NL
owner-phone: +13602276100
owner-fax: +448458672390

admin-contact: P-VWH39
admin-organization: Nadiz Inc.
admin-fname: V
admin-lname: Heathoff
admin-street: Hommelsstr 74
admin-city: Arnhem
admin-zip: 6828AL
admin-country: NL
admin-phone: +13602276100
admin-fax: +448458672390

tech-contact: P-LKM91
tech-organization: Nadiz Inc.
tech-fname: L
tech-lname: Montvila
tech-street: Hommelsstr 74
tech-city: Arnhem
tech-zip: 6828AL
tech-country: NL
tech-phone: +13602276100
tech-fax: +448458672390

billing-contact: P-LKM91
billing-organization: Nadiz Inc.
billing-fname: L
billing-lname: Montvila
billing-street: Hommelsstr 74
billing-city: Arnhem
billing-zip: 6828AL
billing-country: NL
billing-phone: +13602276100
billing-fax: +448458672390

nameserver: ns0.nadiz.com
nameserver: server1.nadiz.com

; Transip BV
; Real-time domeinregistratie en -beheer vanaf 5.99 Euro!
; TransIP BV - Producten & Diensten - Domeinregistratie

Sorry but NOT FOR ME...not my credit card infos for them:D

andy 04-30-2007 07:52 AM

If I ran a website, I would not arrange to let you know my private address or phone number.

As for businesses registered in unusual places that might be viewed as tax havens, millions of people buy newspapers and airline travel from two well-known ones.

foneboxx 04-30-2007 08:33 AM

Before trying to take their defense, you should give them a call to that number...
As stated before, when you own a business involving or expecting to involve a lot of people, you can surely buy a fake number in the country your business is situated or at least a geographical fax number.
Last but not least, it's well known that nowadays anybody can get into that voip business, the problem is that many of those small companies disappear as fast as they come with the customers credentials.
I have a business in the USA, i leave in France but i have a few pennies to spend per month on a real phone number and a real fax number.
What i'm saying is that they could be serious, my advice to them is to show people that they are that serious.
A company might be enough "rich" to buy a real phone number instead of giving people the IPKALL number from seattle area while stating that the company is in Seychelles Islands, and the IP belonging to Netherlands.
That's my point of view, but once again, maybe they are serious, the fact is that those infos create doubt...

andy 04-30-2007 08:49 AM

I hadn't realised I was leaping to their defence.

I also have a phone number in the Seattle area, which was connected via Voxalot and other services in Brazil and Luxembourg to a mobile phone from the Isle of Man area.

I don't live in any of these places, and in fact have only been to one of them. But I don't think that makes it pretence or evasion, just a way to make cheap phone calls.

tomblandford 04-30-2007 10:17 AM

Is this really a better deal than VoipBusterPro? How do you add credit? Is the only way by buying the calling cards? If so then each call costs about 11c/min regardless of duration. When you run out of credit, you have to buy another €6.99 to get just €2.50 of usable credit. Is that right, or can you add credit some other way?

EDIT: of course I meant to say each call costs 11c regardless of duration!

l_montvila 04-30-2007 04:56 PM

Hello voxalot community,
Hello voxalot community,

I'd like to comment foneboxx,

We are European based company, from 2005 we offer our service mostly in Holland. Our entity in Seychelles hold copyright on our software.
Yes we use US 360 number in whois to prevent spam of any kind. We believe that is better than protect domain with services like DomainsByProxy Can you really blame us, after seeing our complete whois info posted here? To support our customers we have implemented Community Board. By the way our company offer a “real” phone numbers in Amsterdam area (+3120) that can be redirected to SIP number anywhere and that wouldn't look that “suspicious” according to foneboxx theory.
foneboxx please let me know your Nadiz SIP number if you want to use inbound 020 number free of charge for one month - you are the winner ;) We even do not need your or anybody else credit card info, we simply do not accept credit cards because of bad experience with charge backs. Sometimes there is more info in FAQ than in whois.

Great voiping to all,

L Montvila
Nadiz Team

Home address .. just kidding ;)

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