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tatjam 11-01-2011 03:35 PM

Ring heard thru the handset earpiece: where does it originate?
Lately I've had a problem with my IPKall -> Voxalot set-up. Actually, it's more a problem for those trying to call me than it is for me: I hear my phone ringing (which is hooked to my ATA that registers with us.voxalot) when they call me--if the party trying to call me waits long enough. Problem is they are not waiting long enough. Why are they not waiting long enough? Because they hear only silence through their telephone's earpiece: they don't have any indication that the phone they're dialing is actually ringing at the other end.

It's a peculiar problem. My IPKall number has been working fine for quite some time now. Occasionally when I've tried calling my own number from some other phone in the past, I've had it happen that I heard a long period of silence before someone picked up the phone or I got voicemail--in other words, at those times I also heard no ringing through the handset's earpiece. And that even though the phone in my apartment was actually ringing. But now it's turned from an intermittent problem to a regularly recurring one. In fact, it seems that over these last few weeks almost every time anyone has dialed my IPKall number, or I've tried dialing it using my cell (for testing purposes), it has happened that, although the phone in my apartment rings normally, the party at the other end hears only silence through their earpiece. If I'm able to pick up the receiver before the party calling me hangs up, a normal telephone conversation can be conducted: in other words, in all other respects the connection is working normally. But as I said, most incoming callers are giving up because, hearing only silence through their handset's earpiece, they have no idea that the phone is ringing at my end and that, once I pick it up, we can have a normal telephone conversation.

This has got me wondering: where does the ring one hears through their handset's earpiece originate? In the scenario I have set up, where calls from the PSTN first go to IPKall, from whence they are transfered to Voxalot, would that ring originate with IPKall, or with Voxalot? I would assume with the former rather than the latter. Can anyone offer clarification on this issue?

I should mention that I did some testing using google voice as well. In the case of those tests, my GV number forwards to my IPKall number (which then transfers to Voxalot). In GV testing, ringing can be heard through the handset's earpiece, and my phone rings in the apartment. Additional rings are heard through the incoming caller's handset's earpiece when using the GV number: it seems two rings are usually heard through the earpiece before the phone in my apartment starts ringing. That indicates to me that the ring heard through the handset's earpiece probably originates with GV.

So, can anyone tell me where the ring the incoming caller hears through his handset's earpiece, when he calls me, originates? In my case, should it be originating with IPKall or with Voxalot? An answer to this query will help me to begin troubleshooting this problem.


PS I had a fellow Voxalot user call me directly using my 6-digit Voxalot number. Making that call, he heard the normal ringing through his handset's earpiece. That indicates to me that the Voxalot ingredient of this VOIP recipe is working fine.

tatjam 11-01-2011 03:58 PM

By the way, I see that other IPKall users are having similar problems, as reported on their forums: Missing ringtone when calling ipkall number ...


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