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jonfry 02-05-2007 03:00 PM

X-Lite and sending calls to voicemail
I've searched the forums a number of times for an answer to this query but can't find one so here we go...

I'm using X-Lite and in the SIP Account Settings > Voicemail tab there are two options for voicemail numbers. The first is the number for checking voicemail which I have as sip:*500@eu.voxalot.com and the second is for sending a call to voicemail.

Regarding the second number, when the softphone rings an icon appears in the display which once clicked sends the caller to voicemail if you either can't or don't want to answer the call.

Has anybody any idea what I can enter into the second box which will allow me to send incoming calls to voicemail if I'm unable to answer the call?

I've tried *500, sip:*500@eu.voxalot.com, my account username and a few other numbers but I can't get it to work.


pjv 04-11-2007 01:44 AM

sending an incoming call to voxalot voicemail is working for me using:


[where the X's represent my voxalot number]. i'm in the us, so i assume you would want to substitute 'eu' for 'us' in that.

however, i cannot get the number to dial for checking voicemail to work at all. i have tried every variation on my voxalot number, *500, various primary and secondary voxalot domain names etc. has anyone ever seen the voicemail waiting indicator on their X-lite phone show up when there was a message waiting on voxalot voicemail? if so, what string did you put into the X-lite number to dial for checking voicemail field?

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