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Debbynz 07-02-2011 06:11 AM

Can I have 1 call out number?
I've managed to find my way around but not sure on a few things;

- I use 2talk.co.nz in New Zealand and wonder if this should work fine for call quality

- We have several lines but users mostly only have a 1-line softphone, is it possible to route calls through here so they can call-out on the main line and receive all calls to the organisation (I think I have mostly figured this out on Voxalot settings but not on the softphone settings and not sure if we need to use a particular softphone)

- Do I need a line for everyone in the company or can I create extensions?

Any assistance would be appreciated to get me further along.
Is there a scenario that I could look at?

Regards, Debra

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