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memoxxxx 08-02-2006 04:51 PM

IPKall DID number-->>Voxalot-->>Voipuser.org-->>PSTN Number (Forwarding)
Well, this is basically the method i would like to use so that calling to my IPkall number will ring my Venezuelan PSTN number.

IPKall DID number-->>Voxalot-->>Voipuser.org-->>PSTN Number

I have pointed the ipkall number to my voxalot.com.au number and also registered my voip provider's sip server (voipuser.org in this case). Then i made a rule, that all inbound calls to my voxalot account (which will be made calling to mi ipkall number) will be routed to sip:[my_venezuelan_pstn_number]@sip.voipuser.org.

I have done all of this, but it doesnt seem to work, when i call my ipkall number i just get to voicemail (ipkall's voicemail).

Anyway, my voxalot number is 914779, can anyone help me please?

vpsaini 08-03-2006 01:38 PM

Hi, The rule you mentioned won't work. Voipuser gives you a UK based number which shall be used in place of [my_venezuelan_pstn_number] in the sip rule, but will forward your call to voipuser account and then voipuser has no rule that you can forward your calls to any number. So I feel it won't work for you.

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