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scqo 01-02-2012 11:02 PM

Is there any inum or enum or sip uri for Sipbroker Gateway Access ?

I tried the 883510074022302 inum number but no luck.No one answers.

In the PSTN numbers when i tried the enum lookup on link2voip pstn numbers for example +1-210-881-0442 number query result shows;

e164.org.(121ms) sip:12108810442@vgw1.link2voip.com

There is no problem but when i call this sip uri same thing happens.No one answers.

Now please tell me is there any inum or enum or sip uri for access to Sipbroker Gateway ?

Thank you.

Soruk 01-03-2012 09:16 AM

Link2Voip's numbers are down.

Inum +8835100-7xxxxxxx are also down as they were allocated to Gizmo Project, which Google closed earlier this year.

Have you tried sip:<number>@sipbroker.com?

(e.g. *67312345678@sipbroker.com to call 12345678@ekiga.net )

If you want a SIP address that gives the interactive service, you could try:
sip:317100055@eurovoice.ro (Romania)
sip:43720732782@pbx.tms-it.net (Austria)

Indeed, try some access numbers on the PSTN Number page into enumquery.com and see what SIP addresses you get out.

scqo 01-03-2012 01:03 PM

Thanks for the fast replay.

sip:43720732782@pbx.tms-it.net (Austria) worked !

Is there any limitations for this sip uri ? Like minute limitation.

Soruk 01-04-2012 10:43 AM

As far as I know, no. It's from an ENUM look-up from an Austria SipBroker access number.

And, to correct my earlier post, Google closed Gizmo last year... it's 2012 now *sigh*

scqo 04-30-2015 04:16 PM

Hi, I found 883-510-074-022-302 inum for sipbroker gateway access but i can't dial with callcentric account. Where is the problem ?

Here is the enumquery link: http://enumquery.com/lookup?e164=008...m&query=%C2%BB

And here is the phonerlite error details;

19:12:30,015: T: (UDP)
ACK sip:00883510074022302@callcentric.com SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP myip:5060;branch=z9hG4bK80d4075ec1ede411899b616f35 04a996;rport
From: <sip:mycallcentricaccountnumber@callcentric.com>;t ag=1765569908
To: <sip:00883510074022302@callcentric.com>;tag=363939 9167-862905
Call-ID: 80D4075E-C1ED-E411-8999-616F3504A996@
CSeq: 17 ACK
Proxy-Authorization: Digest username="mycallcentricaccountnumber", realm="callcentric.com", nonce="75092c1c288b61a526417e5171cd87ef", uri="sip:00883510074022302@callcentric.com", response="037ffaea284e898e70fdd119ffa89a7e", algorithm=MD5
Max-Forwards: 70
Content-Length: 0

19:12:30,015: Disconnect Indication: 0E 00 01 00 04 82 5A 00 01 01 00 00 81 38
19:12:30,015: Disconnect Indication: 1:Unallocated (unassigned) number
19:12:30,017: Disconnect Response: 0

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