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manula 04-04-2006 11:01 PM

Using Voipdiscount and Voipstunt

I've ben trying to use Voipdiscount and Voipstunt as my providers to place both legs of a web callback call. It doesn't work!!

I know that most providers would not allow two calls to be made at the same time, and that's why I even set up two different accounts with Voipstunt.

Both providers work independetly, for just one leg of the call, the other one being with some other provider (like FWD, Stanaphone...), but they won't work together.

I tried using them in diffferent couple:
Voipstunt-1 and Voipstunt-2
Voipstunt-1 and Voipdiscount
Voipdiscount and Voipstunt-1

Nothing works. Now, one thing I can think of is that both providers are owned by the same company, but can this really be the cause for them not bridging?

Anyone has the same experience?


blackbile 04-05-2006 05:34 AM

please read this thread too: "Web Callback with VOIP Buster"

manula 04-05-2006 10:09 AM

hi and thanks Blackbile.

I have read that thread but didn't really make much sense of it.

I do know that both Voipstunt and Voipdiscount are the same thing as Voipbuster, but I still don't understand why I can use the two providers for the two legs of the callback call.

I am not trying to call my homephone (landline) and another destination, therefore there should be no relation to having or having not registred my phone number with ENUM. I am actually trying to use the callback to call me on a voip DID I have. This DID works and I can get callback to call it using other providers...

I am still rather confused, but thanks for your help.

Ron 04-05-2006 10:20 AM

Please provide the details of the Web Callback that you're trying to perform (actual phone numbers are not required). The more details you provide, the easier it will be for someone to spot potential problems.


krisch 04-05-2006 12:11 PM


I've already tried the same, with the same result.

Both providers are in the same company group and they are using the same SIP-servers and databases. When you are trying to logon with two accounts, one account gets rejected. (They probably do monitor the IP or MAC address to do so...).

Cheers, krisch

manula 04-05-2006 10:37 PM

Hi again,

krisch you sure? I use Asterisk and have, amongst others, the following providers all connected at the same time:

- voipdiscount
- voipstunt (1)
- voipstunt (2)
- voipdiscount
- sipdiscount

all providers belong to the same company but I manage to use all of them at the same time using Asterisk. There must be another problem, I think.

this is what I'm trying to do:

Dialplan goes:
1 _00. ${EXTEN} voipstunt
2 _00. ${EXTEN} voipsdiscount

Webcall request goes:

00613+localnumber using Voipstunt
004420+local number using Voipdiscount

I get the "webcall initiated" message but in fact neither parties ring. No call at all!

When I call the first number using, say, Stanaphone, and the second number using iether provider (voipdiscount or voipstunt), then the call is successful.

I though it could be a dialplan mistake as I assigned _00. to both providers and therefore there is the chance that voxalot forces both calls to go out using Voipstunt. But I have trying assigning Voipdiscount a different dialplan

(like _3. 00${EXTEN:1}

with no success.

I'd love to get this working as soon as possible as I'll soon be going to Japan and desperately need to use the free calls to japan with those providers in order to stay in touch with home...

Thanks to all

Ron 04-05-2006 11:52 PM


Dial Plans don't come into play using Web Callback. It would appear you are doing everything correctly, especially since there is a common rash of identical problems with this family of providers.

If you can in fact make simultaneous outgoing calls on the same VoIPDiscount, VoIPStunt, and SipDiscount providers via Asterisk, it would appear there is some technical issue between Web Callback and these providers.

Martin, can you take a closer look at this particular scenario and see if you can determine what's breaking down?


krisch 04-06-2006 07:56 AM


At my knowledge the VoipBuster and allies have IAX and SIP servers. Last week, when I was connected with X-Lite (SIP), and I tried launching a second SIP connection, I got logged off from the first one.
Anyhow, also with other VSPs web callback (neither SIP-SIP nor SIP-PSTN) doesn't work for me yet...
Yesterday I’ve opened a new, different account from a different computer. I’ll check this weekend and keep you posted.

Are you using Asterisk and IAX?
In that case your situation may be different from mine.

Cheers, krisch

PS: There is a provider having a SIP soft phone with excellent http-tunneling. It would be nice someone tries it out from Japan… If interested, let me know, they have sometimes sponsoring programs giving you (and to the sponsor:) ) initial credit for trials.

manula 04-06-2006 10:34 AM

Hi Ron,

thanks for your comment. That explains why some other providers weren't working for me! I WAS using the dialplan! Silly me!

krisch, thanks for your comments too.

Voipbuster has recently discontinued using IAX, so now all of the "voipbuster" companies now only operate with SIP. I guess we'll have to wait until Martin looks into this issues and finds a solution!

Sure, hit me with that new provider, I'll be happy to try it out from Japan.

krisch 04-06-2006 03:51 PM

Here is the link to the free trial:


(Once installed, you need activating the http-tunnel by clicking 'activate safe mode connection', it should be able to get through the providers filtering...)

Enjoy, krisch

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