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benx 03-30-2011 12:38 PM

Wifi work but not on 3G
Hi everyone,

I have an premium account and i am trying to make call over 3G with the Softphone Siphon for iPhone.

On Wifi work perfectly but when i am connecting on 3G is calling other phones but after 1 to 5 seconds the call end !
I already made one call of 30 seconds on 3G during the first test with Voxalot.

I tried this tuto HowTo: Setup VoIP On Your iPhone - Voxalot FAQ but the same !

My setting is : user, password and domain : eu.voxalot.com

If i add an Stun server I can´t connect properly, i tried also enable NAT, ICE but it make it worst and didn´t connect !

The only thing i didn´t try is the local port, RTP port, DNS and VPN ... But i am not expert on Voip server and don´t understand why it worked sometimes.

If i put the config of my VOIP provider ( Telsome ) directly on the config of Siphon is working on Wifi too and on 3G the other party can hear me but I can not hear them !?

Any idea of what is happening, i would like if somebody try my account outside of Spain with this application.

I am using iPhone 3GS IOS4.3, on network of Movistar Spain
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