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glomph 04-02-2006 08:28 AM

Sipbroker PSTN -> call forward -> my SIP server
I have a SIP server that works fine with e164.org / ENUM.

I can call via Sipbroker's PSTN service, it works fine.

Now, I'm trying to hit the same SIP server, using my registered voxalot number and voxalot's call forward feature.

If from one of the sipbroker PSTN gateways, I call *010<my 6-digit voxalot number>, then nothing happens....

Is there a long delay between registering a voxalot call-forward default SIP url, and its going live?

Thanks for advancing the flexibility of VoIP!

martin 04-02-2006 09:35 AM


No delay it should happen immediately. Did you put the entry in the "Default" section at the bottom and select active="Yes"

If you want us to take a closer look just PM me your 6 digit number.

glomph 04-02-2006 01:58 PM

I got it working
You need an example sip url.

such as sip:destinationnumber@proxymachine.my.net

The form of this entry is not immediately intuitive....

I found at least one of the PSTN gateways that immediately rejects the call if you dial *010 (netherlands)

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