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green 12-30-2008 01:01 PM

"Wasn't able to test your route" error

The following error is generated when user attempts to add specific SIP URI:


Wasn't able to test your route, your system returned the following information: 0|Error 500 -
The reason for that is the format of the test INVITE message:

From: "e164.org test" <sip:448445620415@>
The destination SIP provider is not happy with '' in the From and returns error 500.

Is it possible to change to something else?

From the RFC:
"The From header field indicates the logical identity of the initiator
of the request, possibly the user's address-of-record. Like the To
header field, it contains a URI and optionally a display name. It is
used by SIP elements to determine which processing rules to apply to
a request (for example, automatic call rejection). As such, it is
very important that the From URI not contain IP addresses
or the FQDN
of the host on which the UA is running, since these are not logical


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