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technoboy 06-19-2007 11:50 AM

Suggestion: DTMF dialled number for callthoughs
I don't know how may people would find this useful. Certainly I have not seen this provided anywhere else before.

Background Introroduction.
There are often PSTN numbers that can be called and then, when connected, the user dials the destination number. Dialling such a number, via most mobile phones is easily achieved by the insertion of pauses, in the dial string, after the callthough access number has been dialled. It is a case of getting the pause timing just right. It is possible to do this, also, by use of a dialler box on a home phone system. However, if wanting to use this via callback system it just isn't possible, cetainly not on one of the legs anyway.

This suggestion probably won't be taken up because it is just too difficult to implement. However I can see it being useful for call forwarding and callback for some people.

Ability to call a number, pause for a settable number of seconds and then dial another number via DTMF.

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