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petercfoy 04-16-2007 11:18 AM

Newbie - UK dialing plan help please?

I want to set up three main dialing plans:

1. Normal UK geographic numbers (0044, 01, 02)
2. Normal International landline numbers to USA (001)
3. Normal International landling or Mobile numbers to Trinidad (001868)
4. 999 access via PSTN
5 All other calls via PSTN with a * to acces the outside number

I have the providers details input in my voxalot account, but need help in setting up the dailing plans to decide what number gets routed to what provider.

Any help greatly appreciated please?

tomblandford 04-16-2007 12:36 PM

Judging by 4 & 5 in your question, you need a dial plan in your ATA not in Voxalot. Do you have a SPA3000 by any chance?

Using Voxalot something like this will work, assuming you are in UK as a base:

10 _0[12]. 44${EXTEN:1} VoipDiscount - UK landlines dial like normal
11 _0X. 44${EXTEN:1} VoipCo - other UK numbers or skip line 10 and just have this one
15 _ZXXXXX 441483${EXTEN} VoipDiscount - Your local numbers (replace 1483 with your code)
30 _NXXNXXXXXX 1${EXTEN} VoipDiscount - US numbers without needing 001 first
40 _868NXXXXXX 1${EXTEN} VoipDiscount - Trinidad (if you want you can also set all 7 digit numbers to go to Trinidad but make sure it does not conflict with entry 15. for example: 41 _NXXXXXX 1868${EXTEN} VoipDiscount
99 _XXX. ${EXTEN:2} VoipDiscount - all the rest

Test it with the test string at bottom of page.
You can't route calls to PSTN with voxalot. You need to do that with your dial plan in your ATA.
Or get an account with VoipCo that has 999 calls

petercfoy 04-16-2007 01:06 PM

Thanks, this sounds just about right. I am going to be using this ATA VANACCESS which will link my pstn and my voip together, allowing for a crossover between incoming and outgoing calls all routed to my existing home network of phones. So if I put the dial plan into in the ATA, I think I'm going to have to seperate it a bit. Place some of the first stuff in the ATA and then the remaining stuff in voxalot, as I want voxalot to do some enum lookups for me as well. Maybe I should've started with something a little less traumatic for my first implementation !?!?! I will let youknow how it goes :)

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