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BlackFriar 01-27-2007 01:18 AM

I'm a little confused by this upgrade.:confused:

My Asterisk setup currently registers to voxalot.com.au

Do I understand correctly? Should I change this to au.voxalot.com, so that I have a registration string like this:

123456:password@au.voxalot.com/123456 ?

Also, in an ATA, should the voicemail server now be @au.voxalot.com ?

Finally, if I'm dialling a using SIP, is 123456@au.voxalot.com the same as 123456@voxalot.com.au and, for that matter, 123456@voxalot.com ? Which should I use?

Thanks, anyone. -Martin

martin 01-27-2007 01:28 AM


The simple answer is to change everything to use your preferred cluster. So if you are in Australia change everything to use:


In the U.S use:


and when we bring the EU cluster online:


The others will work however we are recommending people change to the new standard.

Hope this answers your question?

BlackFriar 01-27-2007 02:10 AM

Yes, thanks, that's what I wanted to know: change everything to (in my case) au.voxalot.com. Thanks.:)

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